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Our Policies

Emulate Creative Media generally requires all clients and/or businesses to pay 50% of the given price upfront. No design services will be provided until this amount is paid. Once the client and/or business is satisfied with Emulate Creative Media’s services, they will pay the remaining 50%. 

For monthly payments, clients and/or businesses must promise to fulfill each payment by the 5th of each month with the agreed time frame. A consecutive 10% late fee will be applied for every 7th day the payment is late. The late fee for the first missed payment will be waived.

If the client fails to provide final payment for any project without prior notice or explanation, we will revoke access to any files we have already sent, and will not send any completed work until the final payment is received. If a client who has not paid the final payment attempts to use any of our assets or work in any capacity, we will pursue legal action against the individual or company involved.

Clients can pay through check (make out to Tyler and Shea Poole), Venmo, or Cash App with the user ID: emulatecreative. 


Every project we begin with a client will be given defined parameters: project type, number of options we will initially provide, expected completion dates, number of client-requested edits allowed, etc. Each project will also come with an invoice detailing these parameters, and a contract that the client must sign before we will begin work. 

All defined parameters will be followed closely by the Emulate Creative team. If the client desires additional options, sooner completion dates, or any other change, they may contact us about these requests, and must be aware that it may require additional payment for the project. Any client that makes demands outside of the defined parameters as a prerequisite to paying us will be subject to having their project terminated.

We reserve the right to refuse any project request at our own discretion. This includes but is not limited to project requests that are:

  • Objectionable / Offensive

  • Illegal or in support of illegal activity

  • In contradiction to our beliefs and conscience

  • From a client who has previously violated a contract

  • Unable to completed due to constraints on our end


Upon the completion of a project and final payment by the client, the client becomes the owner of the contents of the project and are free to use it as they please. However, the client is not allowed to claim original authorship of a project we created, and must give credit to us when asked about the origin of the contents. We reserve the right to use the contents of any projects we create to showcase our work on social media, our website, and on physical promotional material.

We will never request royalties from our work unless there was an agreed-upon decision before completion of the project, and clients cannot request royalties from us when we showcase material we have created.

If the client makes unofficial changes to the contents of a project we completed for them, such as altering a logo design, splicing a video, etc., we will continue to use our original content to showcase our work, as the altered content no longer represents our work. Furthermore, we may deny project requests using client-altered assets if we feel the altered assets would harm the image of our brand or work.


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